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In this final part of the five part series, we ask esteemed one club football writers and bloggers, supporters and media types for their opinions on all things City 2012-13. 


How has your view of City changed since the money flowed in? 

Once upon a time, when money was short.....
  • Phil Lythell Chelsea ESPN correspondent, season ticket holder, writes at Shouty and Spitty 
  • "As a CFC fan, there was never any chance of pouring scorn on City's big money approach. As with Chelsea, shame that many promising academy prospects have been pushed aside, though demands for success call for pragmatism rather than romance. Owners have demonstrated some patience though perhaps stance changing with recent sacking of Mancini. Obviously disappointed that there is another team between Chelsea and silverware so main difference is City becoming a genuine rival rather than an opportunity to pick up six points. No negative impression though...".
  • Luke O'Farrell writes for ESPN, EPL Index and blogs on all things Everton.
  • "Aside from the Everton gripe mentioned earlier, it has barely altered. It's hard to begrudge the money and the trophies, since most would probably swap positions in a heartbeat...." 
  • Pete Sixsmith 's chosen dish is Sunderland (gristle and all). He writes at Salut Sunderland
  • "It has changed a little. They no longer seem to cock up as spectacularly as they did in the past, but there is always the hope that they may do. Decent club, good fans. Lend us a few million, please...."
  • Peter Thorne aka Billy Blagg has been writing on all things West Ham for ESPN for many years
  • "City, like Newcastle and Liverpool, are kind of old school clubs as far as I'm concerned and I actually get a deal of satisfaction from seeing the likes of Arsenal squealing 'not fair' 'cos you're in a position to steal some of their players instead. As I've indicated, City are a breath of fresh air at the moment and you'll not be troubling Div III anytime again soon, I suspect....."
  • Matthew Evans is a West Brom season ticket holder and ESPN correspondent
  • "Well, City have hit the jackpot really. Could have happened to any club, just so happened that the riches fell at City's lap. I thought the club were being very well run, unlike other clubs funded by rich foreign backers, however the treatment of Mancini does make me question that. Can't begrudge the fans getting this success, they put up with more than their fair share of bad times and stuck with it...."
  • Marc Duffy follows Newcastle through thin and thinner and writes for ESPN
  • "From 'exactly the same as us' to 'I'm jealous..."
  • Chris Rann runs the excellent George Weah's Cousin and is Saints ESPN writer
  • " You make me physically sick. Well actually you don't, I wish you wouldn't waste all that money on English mediocrity like Milner and Barry though. Seriously, I like watching great players so keep bringing in the stars...."
  • Simon Hughes remembers cheering Brian Labone and Gordon West from the unreconstructed Gladwys Street:
  • "Yes, but I still feel the love. They'll be easier to get on with without Mancini in that stupid scarf. Also, please drop the Poznan...."
  • John Wilson still has a poster of Peter Lorimer above his bed:
  • "Pleased to see them lose more often because the owners think their money will bring sucess. Don't mind the team, or the managers, but object to and don't like rich business treating a team like City as their little toy. City were just City, as they always have been. Suddenly loads of money started coming in and the whole character of the club has changed. The owners don't care. They treat city as their little play thing. Because city haven't had much sucess (and crave for it) even some of their fans make their excuses for the ridiculous amounts of money spent changing their club cos they want a cup !! Its equally good fun seeing your side promoted from league 1 to the championship !!!..."
  • James Whittaker, ESPN's Stoke reporter 
  • "I’m not a fan of foreign owners buying clubs as play-things and it feels a bit like that in your case and the way in which the management is shifted out and players collected rotting in reserves only adds to that. Any team with such riches, such as Chelsea when Abramovich came in, will upset the balance of the league with their recruitment. As a football fan, that model is everything that is wrong with the modern game though perhaps we’re lucky being owned by a local fan...."
  • Chris Dottie is an Evertonian child of the Kendall era and resident of the city of Gaudi and Messi
  • "When I speak to their fans, not too much, they are still very decent football people with a sense of perspective. The statements and actions of the club itself however have made them a lot less likeable - where the fans are grateful for their good fortune, their managers and executives seem to display a good dose of arrogance and disdain for the lower orders. When we've got Victor Anichebe leading the line, complaints of a lack of strike power from a club that's spent squillions on Kün Aguero and Carlos Tevez stick in the craw. They are also a constant reminder of the unpleasant truth that money makes the world go round. I'd rather they won the league than any other realistic contender, but the empire-building in New York and the replacement of Doncaster Belles with City's ladies team make me feel very uncomfortable...."     
  • Phil Mison has been reporting on Fulham affairs across all media since the late 80s 
  • "No."
  • Dave Glenn is a regular visitor to Old Trafford
  • "Turned into Chelsea. Not won the league that somehow is their property after one season therefore we sack the manager. If RM had won a trophy would the fact that he is a tosser behind the scenes been ignored?..."

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part in this and gave freely of their time to share a few thoughts on the current state of Manchester City. Clearly, City retain an affection from supporters of many other clubs, despite the changing football landscape and the sea change in our own club's fortunes. Where opinions have changed, it is also heartening to note that it is not the City fans that have changed others' opinions, rather administrators or the general (sometimes perceived) attitude around the club. Whilst many onlookers will not realise the lengths the club has gone to ensure most still feel a solid attachment to City, it is obvious that modern times have brought about many alterations to the way we experience going to the match, being with friends and family at the game and getting behind the team. However, most of the negative sensations are being felt across all clubs, whether they are challenging for honours or not. Football has changed radically since 1992, as have attitudes towards and within the sport. Whilst pessimists and nail biters like those airing their opinions here still see a need to go, football will remain in good health.



  1. A very entertaining series. More please!

  2. Thanks. The contributors were very generous with their time and their opinions. Apart from the United fan of course. He's beyond help.


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