Friday, September 20, 2013


The power and the glory of the Manchester Derby as captured in Shoot, Goal, Soccer Monthly, Tiger & Scorcher, Match Weekly, Four Four Two and Jimmy Hill's Football Weekly down the years.

Owen, Channon and McIlroy at Old Trafford, 30th Sept 1978 (0-1)

Ward and Irwin, Maine Road 1991 (3-3)
Brian Kidd at the Scoreboard End, Old Trafford 1977 (1-3)

Booth, Moran, Henry, Bailey + Houston, Maine Road 1979 (2-0)

Reid and Davenport, Old Trafford 1986 (2-2)
Jordan and Reid, Old Trafford 1980 (0-1)

Book and Best, Old Trafford 1969 (2-1)

Young and Aguero, 2011

Dave Bennett, Old Trafford 1980 (0-1)

Sadler and Bell, Old Trafford 1969 (1-0)

Wilkins, Daley + Power, Old Trafford 1980 (0-1)


  1. It was a major set back when we signed Peter Davenport


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