Monday, November 4, 2013


In preparation for this week's Champions League return with CSKA Moscow, here's Pat Rose's account of a trip into the unknown to support the Blues in Moscow on a very special occasion: City's first ever competitive game in Russia on 23rd October.

Muscovite Musings on 
Manchester City’s October Revolution

November 5th is the night for fireworks (BT City Square from 6.45 pm on Tuesday!); but hopefully not the same pyrotechnics last seen in the home end at CSKA Moscow two weeks ago. It would be good if the final outcome of that game can be repeated though, because it will take us one step closer to our first Champions League knock out stage.

The trip to Moscow was keenly anticipated, although not without some trepidation:

  • Would our visas be accepted?
  • Would we navigate our way round a city in which English seems to be an unused substitute?
  • What exotic sights would we discover?
  • How would City adapt to playing on a pitch that resembled the old Wembley after the Horse of the Year Show?

In the end, nothing disappointed us. Moscow was marvellous, the match was hard fought but entertaining for all that, and the small band of intrepid travellers were excellent company.
The spectacle of Red Square, the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral by night surpassed the home fans attempts at a light show, although I could find no City fans prepared to match their state of semi undress in freezing conditions during the second half

Of course, the best highlight was the sight of the imperious Aguero scoring two excellent goals. But there were other highlights in those two action packed days: the most bizarre being the sight of Lenin lying in state (no inappropriate jokes here about him being more agile than Kolarov as left back – I’ll leave that to the moaners who sit behind me); the meal at the Bosco Café in Red Square was superb; the Invisible Man’s favourite bar Platform 13 and its staff a hidden gem! 

That trip was one of many highlights during October, when a number of us covered the best part of 4,500 miles following City. We had 3 away wins out of 4, never to be sniffed at whatever the opposition (what would have been a well deserved draw at the Bridge would have put the icing on the cake, but for those two minutes of madness)

For me, the lynchpin in all those games was the mercurial magician that is David Silva. He has reopened his delightful box of tricks and, as well as scoring some excellent goals himself, has been the creator and provider of many of the best moments of October 2013.  

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