Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Not really sure how we've all survived these long years without CampoRetro, but now they're here, they make a difference to our mundane and tepid lives, spent buying disappointing pies and chasing next door's cat with a cricket bat.

Now they have taken the wise move of offering one of these beauties for FREE. All you have to do is answer the question below the images. 

QUESTION: Of Mike Doyle, Paul Lake, Neil Young and David White, WHO WON THE GREATEST NUMBER OF ENGLAND CAPS?

You won't find the answer here, but you'll find a heap of stuff you'll want to wear: http://www.camporetro.com/Shop-By-Team/Premier-League/Manchester-City 

You should state preference for one shirt or another and mention in calm tones just how large you have become since becoming addicted to wagon wheels. Answers to the quiz should be sent in to competitions@camporetro.com
Entries in before 25th February please.

Best of luck and remember the answer is not, was never and never will be Buster Philips

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