Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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MCFC 3 LIVERPOOL 0     CITY TO WIN LEAGUE “Win Over Scousers heralds Brave New World " by Derek Custard
Football enthusiast and geophysics professor Peter Polvo was just one of many enthusiasts dancing around the Eastlands precincts this morning quite convinced that a new era had been ushered in at COMS, the home of BIG RICH BUGGER MANCHESTER CITY. Their carefully scripted bulldozing of ancient, beleagured, battered, torn and smelling slightly off Liverpool made compelling viewing. Here is a team set for the very top. It’s Sheik Rattle and Roll, as Mr Your Highness Mansour’s trillions are set to win City the game’s greatest prizes and billions of new adoring fans the home counties over. Just watch those Blue devils take off now!
Bigged Up for Season Storm, Moneybgas City Look an Awful Waste of Cash by Derek Custard in the Home Counties
all over for City
This afternoon’s game offered eveidence, IF ANY WAS REALLY NEEDED,  that this Manchester Bugger City side is not going anywhere fast, except into the tunnel daubed “STRAIGHT AHEAD FOR EXPENSIVE LAUGHING STOCK” by the great and good of European mainstream society. Thank God it is only a matter of time before Michel Platini’s wise and good plan comes into effect. Then we will see an end to this vulgar and insensitive race for attention being carried out by the uncouth, brash, devil-may-care, fly-by-night, lost-your-trousers-in-the-morning people who run this odious little team. As i walked to work this morning, I was delighted and relieved to see that all of those sky blue shirts evident in Suckspittle Highstreet last week had been replaced by the comforting and traditional view of dark blue adidas Chelsea. A normal world had returned to the shires after last week’s aberrations and a comfortable smile played across the expansive backsides of the local carbohydrate addicts. We are all safely back in ChelseaLand.

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