Thursday, January 10, 2013


Let's start this piece by saying I wish to be as charitable to Arsenal and its cherished history as I am sure Gunners fans would be towards Manchester City and its equally sumptuous past. After all, the legacy of Richie Powling, Gus Caesar, Trevor Ross, Alex Cropley and Willie Young still warms the cockles of the heart on cold winter mornings like this.

All is well in the sweet-smelling world of the Barclays Premier League
Arsenal, you see, have given us a lot of things that we should be glad for: the marble halls and proud flagpoles of Highbury, those Archibald Leitch latticework facades to the stands, the Clock and its famous End, Alan Ball and his squeaky voice, Stroller Graham, Charlie George flat on his back at Wembley, Peter Storey in and out of jail, Alan Sunderland's bubble perm, not to mention the modern-day wonders of Bergkamp, Vieira and little Sylvinho.

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