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The title of this piece is a little misleading. We are not descending into more foul words about the price of tickets. Many more erudite than me have been there, boycotted this and sworn at that several times already. Now we're back on the football, the actual matter that glues us all together, for good or bad and, in the case of City's visits to North London, it has been indescribably bad almost all the time for a very long time. 38 years is a long time to wait for a league win at Arsenal, I think most people would agree. Since then, a few million gallons of water have passed under the bridge. Where were you in 1975?

Deep breath, then, and let's see if we can avenge *some* of these little mishaps down the years:

1996, with a flying back four of Summerbee, Symonds, Kernaghan + Frontzeck, a miracle it was only 1-3 really.  Here Alan Kernaghan, takes off in the vague direction of John Hartson in a season of text book defending, but only if your text book happened to be a collection of cartoons about The Misadventures of Betty Boop..

Ali Bernabia sees red at Highbury in 2002. Score 1-2.

Tony Coton about to see yellow in a dull 0-0 draw in 1993

Fitzroy Simpson struggles to no avail in 1992. Scoreline 0-1

A home game, this one, so it doesn't really count. Still, memorable for the ovation the Gunners were given at half-time by the Maine Road faithful, as we watched our men trudge off 0-4 down. One-all draw second half, mind you.

One of City's better days at Highbury in ahem recent years. This is 1991 and a stirring 2-2 draw. Seems like only yesterday.
Nicklas Jensen gets the better of Sylvain Wiltord in 2002, but City lose 1-2

1981: Rafael Meade, anybody? Another reverse, this time 0-1

If there is one that needs avenging more than most, it is this shocker from 1983. Three games before the end of the season, a demoralising pasting at Highbury. Three weeks later, the unthinkable had happened and City were relegated.

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  1. Yes, it's been pretty depressing fare these last 38 years. Pretty sure that's our current longest run without an away win against regular opponents.

    Colin Bell hadn't yet been crocked by Buchan the last time we won either!


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