Sunday, April 7, 2013


Fiddling about on Twitter can be a time-consuming and unnerving experience. It's a bit like reading in the bath. After a while you check the time and realise you have turned into a prune. Last night I asked Twitter an important question: who scored the best ever Derby goal? Twitter does not allow you to elaborate, thankfully, so that was it.

You interpret the question how you want. Best can be most beautiful or most important. Here's a selection of the replies....

Question:  Best ever derby goal? Brighty? Goater/Neville? Denis? SWP? Yaya? Franny? Nellie? Edin? Hinchy? Mackenzie? Robinson? Or next Monday's winner?

Whet your appetite? Then take a look at these and prepare yourself for the ride. Let us hope the spirit, guile, skill and guts shown in some of these clips reappear in spade-loads tomorrow night. Come on you Blues, make us proud again!

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