Wednesday, June 5, 2013


After months of the strangest speculation and oddest public requests from the player himself, City seem on the verge of signing Fernando Luiz Rosa from Ukrainian champions and Brazilian stud farm FC Shakhtar Donetsk. Like almost all Brazilians who play football, he goes by a nickname, in this case Fernandinho, or "little Fernando". Yet another from the massive unchecked "inho" family. Fernandinho was born in southern Brazil twenty eight years ago, in the city of Londrina of all places..

The experience City require
The question everyone is asking is what exactly can he bring to City? Here is what City's Brazilian supporters branch make of him:

"At the beginning of his career when he played for Atlético Paranense, Fernandinho was an attacking midfielder, but since his arrival in Europe in 2005, the Brazilian took on the new role of second holding midfielder and had to adapt to this new role, especially in approach play, cutting space and tackling. It is certainly true that, playing as a holding midfielder, Fernandinho has became a better player. owing to his great pace, his ability to open up defences, the Brazilian is now described as a box-to box player with a great passing and a surprisingly powerful shot. He will provide what was missing in the last two seasons: greater pace  in midfield. City can now start our attacking moves from the back, and offer some relief and freedom to the likes of David Silva, who will be able to stay in the final third, where the Spaniard is more dangerous...."

It is apparent that Pellegrini is, despite all of this activity having taken place before the official announcement of his new position at the Etihad, remaining true to his Malaga principles of fast attacking football. His first two signings are all about speed and precision. Manchester City 2013-14 vintage is going to be pretty but will be able to adapt its approach to games and will attack wide and fast, with the ability to go long or play the short passing game.

Luciano Silva Pinto , a Brazilian City fan living in Porto Alegre is not sure Fernandinho is necessarily the right choice. "Four or five years ago, yes, but I'm not absolutely sure he is good enough for where City are now. Hernanes of Lazio, the brilliant ex-São Paulo talent, might have been a more interesting acquisition.... Fernandinho must not be seen as a replacement for Barry either. A Fernandinho-Yaya defensive axis would produce problems,,,defensively".

Lazio's super talented Hernanes in his São Paulo days

Our Brazilian branch members continue: "He will also give us a new option: long balls. Fernandinho is able to make long passes and can quickly turn defence to attack with his passing over great distance. He has everything to be a success at City, but it is not entirely clear to me what his function in the team will be exactly. Will he be used as a replacement for Yaya Toure, or will Pellegrini put both together in midfield? Whatever the answer to that, City seems to be hitting surgical strikes in the transfer market with the new signings, and if Fernandinho achieves 50% of what his most famous "brother" did in Barcelona, we can start smiling and dreaming....".


My thanks go to City's Brazilian branch and to Luciano for a very swift request for information on our latest acquisition.


  1. A back line of Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, and Clichy. Yaya and Fernadinho. Silva, a rejuvenated Nasri and Milner. Aguero or Tevez up front. That's eight players who are potent in the attack: the opposing defenses would have fits.

  2. Add Navas. Maybe add Isco too. Maybe maybe Cavani as well. I'm off for a lie down.

  3. I'd forgotten about Navas.


    It seems like only yesterday that my heart beat quicker at the thought of Stevie Ireland, Elano, Michael Johnson and Crazy Joey Barton leading the charge...

  4. Ah Elano. He'd be at home in this side, wouldn't he? Still wondering what sort of pressure the defence is going to come under though...

  5. Lots of 6-4 finals. Joe Hart will have a nervous breakdown by Christmas.


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