Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Continuing the series wrapping up last season with the view of Geordies, Saints, Throstles and Hammers, amongst others. This is what they had to say to Question Three

3. City fans: billy big time or still more or less the same poor masochists as before?
  • Phil Lythell Chelsea ESPN correspondent, season ticket holder, writes at Shouty and Spitty 
  • "Still the same downtrodden lot. No arrogance has seeped in despite success (yet!) and their backing of Mancini was - and is - extremely laudable.."
  • Luke O'Farrell writes for ESPN, EPL Index and blogs on all things Everton.
  • "There will always be those glory hunting types, the ones that accompany any successful side, but the majority of City fans seem to have their heads screwed on and know their football. This was fairly apparent with the show of support for Mancini; the recent advert in Gazzetta dello Sport was a great gesture....." 
  • Pete Sixsmith 's chosen dish is Sunderland (gristle and all). He writes at Salut Sunderland
  • "Had a couple of smashing conversations as we walked back to the city centre after you had cuffed us 3-0 in October. City fans still seem to be sensible and realistic - like us and Everton and not like United, Newcastle or Liverpool.."
  • Peter Thorne aka Billy Blagg has been writing on all things West Ham for ESPN for many years 
  • "We've not had the chance to get fed up with you lot yet. Prefer you to that mob down the road but give it time....."
  • Matthew Evans is a West Brom season ticket holder and ESPN correspondent
  • "Fans level of expectations have certainly grown which is completely understandable considering City won the league but don't think there is too much arrogance about it. I also admire the support/stance the fans have taken on Mancini....."
  • Marc Duffy follows Newcastle through thin and thinner and writes for ESPN
  • "Still the same, definitely...."
  • Chris Rann runs the excellent George Weah's Cousin and is Saints ESPN writer
  • "You haven't quite gone full Chelsea yet. NEVER go full Chelsea. The support shown for Mancini was admirable given a lack of success this season. I'm sure you get plenty more face painters these days, but you were still a great crowd at St. Mary's as we have come to expect...."
  • Simon Hughes remembers cheering Brian Labone and Gordon West from the unreconstructed Gladwys Street:
  • I still retain an affection for City's more mature supporters, but the newer, plastic ones can fuck off.
  • John Wilson still has a poster of Peter Lorimer above his bed:
  • "Not Billy Big Time. Same as before but if City turned into a Barcelona or Real Madrid it just wouldn't suit them..."
  • James Whittaker, ESPN's Stoke reporter
  • "More or less the same I would say. I know a lot of Man City fans and remember sharing relegation with you all those years ago. There will always be idiots everywhere but for the most part, your lot are sound. ."
  • Chris Dottie is an Evertonian child of the Kendall era and resident of the city of Gaudi and Messi
  • "Both. At their best they can represent the plucky traditional supporter like no-one else, at their worst they can be bitter nouveau riche. There seem to be some of each and some who vary between the two, according to their fancy...."
  • Phil Mison has been reporting on Fulham affairs across all media since the late 80s 
  • "City supporters are a pragmatic lot and know they must walk in United's shadow. They do have a sense a humour, unlike unbearable Reds followers...
  • Dave Glenn is a regular visitor to Old Trafford in his velvet catsuit and mauve moccasins
  • " Same bitter deluded tossers as ever..."


  1. I'm an American. There is no logical reason for me to support City, except that Manchester looks remarkably like Buffalo, New York, the place I grew up, and that when I first saw a photograph of Maine Road, a lump rose in my throat and I felt like I'd found my home. The more I learned, the more I loved the club and its fans. These are people who understand that Life is mostly disappointing, and there's always a loud, rich jerk down the street, trying to make you feel bad about yourself, but that's OK. Everything's OK.

    These are my people.

    A new stadium, billionaire owners, a squad of supergalacticos has not changed anything. It may, someday, but I doubt it.

    My son is 16. He has loved City since he was six years old. He loves underdogs, lost causes, impossible odds, and the magical feet of David Silva. Silva (or Aguero or Tevez or Milner or even Ed Dzeko) is his Kinkladze, his Colin Bell.

    We will be fine.

  2. You fit in just fine here, both of you!!


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