Saturday, May 18, 2013


Compare and contrast:



Ian Ladyman's article in The Mail


  1. My son and I managed to talk our way into a training session the club held at an exclusive private school in the Atlanta suburbs, during their 2010 American tour. We were both pretty star-struck: it was the first time either of us had seen City in person.

    A couple of things stood out: Joe Hart was very kind, taking time to sign autographs and talk to my son, as did Kolo Toure. No one looked like they were enjoying the Atlanta heat and humidity. And Roberto Mancini kept himself apart from everyone. He didn't speak to any of the players. A curt wave was his only acknowledgment of the handful of fans cheering and calling his name. He spent most of the time looking at the ground and grimacing. He looked like he'd have rather been anywhere else in the world.

    At the time, I assumed that this was normal for managers at the highest levels of football, that he was too wrapped up in strategy and Deep Thoughts to bother himself with mere mortals. Now I wonder if he was just being a tosser.

  2. We may never know the answer to that!


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